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I am a long time baseball fan who became interesting in documenting the "missing" batter strikeouts a few years back as an outgrowth of my interest in the 1899 Cleveland Spiders. Grew up w/ the Big Red Machine. I now follow them and my new hometown, Detroit Tigers. Member of SABR off and on since 1979.

Friday, November 19, 2010

A beginning

Well, I have been meaning for quite awhile to start a blog to document my journey in my baseball research.

You may ask, what baseball research is that?  Well, thanks for asking!

I have been working on documenting the "missing" batter strikeouts from 1897 through 1912 (only thru 1909 in the NL).

In the course of this blog, I will share some of my findings, some of successes, some of my roadblocks, and sometimes just something else.

In a way, I am kind of starting this blog towards the end of my journey.  I am currently up through 1909  w/ about 90% of the NL documented and more like 83% of the AL documented.  

Pete Palmer, home of the "master" baseball statistics repository has agreed to accept my data.
I am really excited about this.

My work will continue on w/ 1910-12 AL, but also trying to fill in whatever gaps I can in the other years, digging through game accounts of games where I don't have batter strikeout info.


I should state that I had previously had a blog over with Comcast (link:
which I kind of abandoned a year or two ago.   You can see some of my progress at that point, but here I will kind of pick up from where I am now.

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